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music for

"Alice Invents A Little Game And Alice Always Wins"
By Nick Flynn
Directed by Dylan Ward
Produced by The Undergraduate Theater Society of The University of
Washington (2011-2012 season)
In the Caberet Theater in the University of Washington
Jan. 19th-29th, 2012


ACT 1 – In which Gideon becomes homeless

Scene 1- Gideon is locked out of his apartment, which he is supposed to be moving out of. Alice takes
him “in” for the night.

Transition- Gideon is brought to Alice's chair, where he falls asleep beside her. She fetches donuts.

Scene 2- Esra reveals that the power is out, that everyone is living outside. Alice teases Gideon; he
tricks his way back inside. Alice moves to watch him from a distance (the audience.)

Transition- Television flickers on and off. Gideon exits the door again, but leaves a jacket to keep it

Scene 3- Gideon has been kicked back outside. He waits for the opportunity to get his things while he
watches television. Ivan appears, sizes him up, and decides he's got an opportunity, and moves in on
him. After he leaves, his things rain from the sky.

INTERIM – All of Gideon's things rain down from the sky (his apartment window) and appear in piles
all around him. His jacket is removed from the door. The events of the act are recapped briefly: (Alice
takes in Gideon, Esra escapes Gideon's well intentions, Gideon moves to and away from the door, Ivan
moves in slowly on Gideon.)

ACT 2 – In which Gideon loses all of his things

Scene 1- Gideon is trying to organize his things when Esra comes back. Gideon tries to father her;
she shrugs him off. Ivan appears and gives advice to Gideon about his situation. (Training his mind.)
Gideon does not pay attention. Then Ivan takes an interest in Esra. Gideon pays attention.

Transition: Ivan stares after Esra as she looks up for her mother. Gideon stares Ivan down. Esra leaves.
Ivan bids Gideon good bye and leaves. Gideon falls asleep on the chair. Time passes.

Scene 2- Gideon has been sleeping outside for a little time. He directly addresses the audience (and
Alice) and recounts a dream-his exposition about his “perfect” and lost life. He speaks to his (ex)
girlfriend-its revealed that she wanted a kid. He didn't. He doesn't. He turns back to the audience (and
Alice) and makes the choice to stay outside.

Transition: Alice acknowledges his decision. She approaches him, blesses him, and leads him back to
her seat. He falls asleep in her lap. Esra comes in on her scooter and sits on Alice's chair. Ivan comes in
with a flat screen tv box and sits right next to her and shows her a photo.

Scene 3- Ivan moves in on Esra. Esra picks up a rope.

Transition: Ivan takes a picture of Esra. Esra ties the rope to herself. Ivan ties the rope to himself. They
get very close. Ivan takes out a walkman and listens to the gypsy tape. Esra goes to sleep behind the
chair, put to bed by Ivan. Gideon wakes up and begins to organize his things. Alice walks offstage.

Scene 4 –Gideon is organizing, tries to send Ivan away. Ivan will not leave, he is trying to recruit

Gideon. Gideon tries one more time to escape Ivan by entering the building; he can't. Esra wakes up,
Ivan moves to go feed her Mac n Cheese. Alice enters with a wealth of donuts, and comforts Gideon.
She enters the apartment building. Gideon does not attempt to follow her.

INTERIM 2- All of Gideon's things are taken from him, excepting a camping stove and a duffel bag.
Gideon changes into his second outfit. Ivan brings on two cases of beer. The events of the previous act
are recounted: (Ivan takes an interest in Esra, Gideon tries to step in between them, Alice takes him out
of the way, Alice holds him like a child, Alice blesses him and enters the building.) At the end of the
interim, Gideon gets on the ground and begins to do pushups. Ivan begins to guzzle beer. Esra swings
her rope like a jump-rope, and sings a little song. (Holiday, by Madonna) Alice circles around and sits
in her chair in the audience.

ACT 3- In which Gideon sets out to live his new life

Scene 1 – Alice narrates the scene as it happens. Ivan tries to juggle donuts. Esra suggests Africa. Ivan
suggests a box replacement scheme. He drinks. He keeps drinking. Gideon begins to move in on Esra.

Transition- Ivan chugs a few beers and collapses in the wheelbarrow. Gideon snatches the cigar box
and looks through it.

Scene 2 – Esra is trying to get Ivan up and doing something. Ivan is too drunk to move; he falls asleep.
Esra tries to follow through on Ivan's plan, but then she tries to find her mother again. She can't do
either. Alice tells Gideon to do what he should. Gideon unties Esra. The intercom screams.

Transition- All three are over-taken by Alice and led to their positions on stage.

Scene 3- (The strange scene) The intercom narrates Gideon's loss. Alice gives a rallying speech,
berating Ivan, teasing Esra, encouraging Gideon.

Transition – Gideon is given a trash bag and a roll of tape, and is led to Alice's chair. Ivan is put back
in his wheelbarrow. Alice kisses Esra and sends her and her scooter offstage. She then returns to her
audience chair.

Scene 4 – Gideon is taping a plastic bag about him. Ivan tries to recruit him into a scam involving low
income housing, Alice stands up and rebukes him, sends him off. Then she speaks to the audience
about Ivan's fate- invisibility. Esra enters, still looking for her mother. Gideon takes care of Esra with
Alice's gentle encouragement. Esra interviews Gideon about his job for a school project. Gideon gives
his final exposition (his job as a teacher) and smiles.

END- The various symbols of the play are recalled, Gideon does not move much, for he is in a plastic
bag. At some point his plastic bag is ripped off by Alice. This culminates in a curtain call.


released November 10, 2011



all rights reserved


alphabets Denver, Colorado



music produced
colin ward
5 years

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